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  1. Tyler Block says:

    I am a server at Buffalo Wild Wings located in St. Matthews, I was serving a nice gentleman, and he was incredibly well-mannered, and was very thankful for each thing I had done for him. When I returned back to clear off his table, I noticed that he had left me a $20 tip and his bill was no more than $15 which is an 133% tip. It may not have been that big of a deal to other servers or even to the gentleman himself, but I was incredibly thankful and happy. I have no words but to thank this kind man. I’ll never forget to pay it forward.

  2. Jenni Morris says:

    Hi. what an amazing opportunity this is to share. The Sunday that Meredith and Al spoke about “Pay it forward”. My daughter Rachel and I both felt the Lord lay our neighbor on our hearts at the same time. We looked at each other and spoke the neighbors name at the same time. Went home and found a box of brownies in the cabinet. Made the brownies and tucked a pay it forward card inside the foil. Took them over and told him about the card. He had visited in the spring when we invited him before but said that he was definitely coming back. He said he really enjoyed the service and I just ask that the Holy Spirit waters that brownie effort!! My neighbors name is Sam.

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