The Bible has commanded us to 'go and make disciples of all nations' (Matthew 28:19). This means we have work to do as followers of Jesus, beginning in our local area and extending to the ends of the earth. We have many strategic partnerships that serve as a way for our Faith Family to get involved in the Gospel-Activity of missions. After all, Sharing Hope is a central part of our mission statement.

If you'd like more information about our missionary oppotunities, you can find them below.

GLOBAL MISsional partnerships

The Bible reveals that when Jesus returns to set up His eternal Kingdom, all tribes and tongues will be represented. This means we have work to do in order to reach each of those nations. Listed below are the international mission partnerships that FBCNV supports.


    We have had an ongoing partnership with Greffin Church in Haiti. Part of our missions budget is allocated to supporing the church and school that operates there. We usually to send 1 or 2 mission teams each year to get boots on the ground in Haiti.


    Khemraj and Dawna are FBCNV funded missionaries working to stop child trafficking in Nepal. You can find out more infomation about the ministry of Love Justice by clicking here.

  • Philippines

    Pastor Leonardo Mallari and his family have been missoinaries to the Philipines for more than a decade. They work with Open Door Baptist Church and the surrounding village churches in the area of Pangasinan.

Local missions partnerships

Jesus instructed his disciples to share the gospel and make disciples to the end of the earth, but also to do the same in their local regions. Here are some of the community based missional partnerships we have at FBCNV.

  • clarity pregnancy resource center

    We work with the Jennings county branch of Clarity, which serves to help families in need of assistance during their pregnancy. From the giving of baby supplies to sharing the gospel, it is important to meet our community where they are.

  • good samaritain food pantry

    We support the locally operated food pantry that helps bring assistance to those in need of food.

  • Wayside inn

    The Wayside Inn helps host homeless families and supplies them with food, any kind of assistance regarding job search and skills, and much more.