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Next Sermon Series

Church Family,

If you were in attendance on Sunday you heard about the temporary change in service times that will take effect on September 9th in an effort to increase our focus on community within our church.

The plan is to move to ONE worship service at 10am instead of the regularly scheduled 2 services so that we can spend some intentional time building better relationships, creating more small group opportunities, and giving us the privilege to worship together in the same room.

Going to one service for these 6-8 weeks not only allows all of us to worship together, but to devote ourselves to community as well. Now Breakouts, Sunday School classes, and any Life Groups that choose to will meet together before the 10am service so that we can incorporate more time in the Word.

If you aren’t already involved in a small group of some sort, our aim is to create options for you to find a group and get plugged in. There will be a multiplicity of opportunities on Sunday morning, plus you can always find a mid-week Life Group or Bible study and make yourself at home there as well.

Understand why we are making this change; God is leading us to come together as one church for a time in order that we might become more fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. Take us up on this season and find a place to grow and serve, for we will have additional needs that will give you the opportunity to serve the body of FBCNV.

Our requests during these 6-8 weeks are:

1.    Attend the service at 10am each week. Join your faith family in worshiping the resurrected Christ!
2.    Find a small group of some sort by September 9th (Breakouts, Life Groups, Sunday School classes, or a Wednesday night Bible study.) We will have a complied list of these groups available to you so that you can get more familiar with how to get involved.
3.    Get active in the weekly challenges and opportunities that will be put before you. From reading the Bible, to prayer, to times of recreation, to potlucks, we will give you space to practice what you’re hearing on Sundays.
4.    Pray with us. We know a shift like this can create fear of change, but if the Holy Spirit is asking us to obey in this we know it will be an amazing blessing to our church and ultimately for the glory of God.

You’ll hear more about this each Sunday and through the weeks via email leading up to September. In the meantime, listen to the call of the Holy Spirit in your life and see where He might be asking you to step up and get involved.

All for the glorious aim of making much of Jesus!

“And they devoted themselves to the apostle’s teaching, to fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and the prayers.” – Acts 2:42

Pastor Drew