d-groups @ fbcnv

D-Groups are 6 week small studies focused on specific topics. Some semesters will offer practical topics where others will add opportunities to study books of the Bible. You'll be with the same people throughout the duration of the D-Group, but will have an opportunity after a few week break to register for a different D-Group. Listed below are the D-Groups offered starting January 12 of 2022.

  • This class is designed to help build healthier and more biblical marriages. All married and single inviduals are welcomed to attend. Led by Gary and Joyce Yeager. Click here to register.

  • The Bible gives parents the necessary tools to lead their children well. This class will look into those so we can help train up godly children. Led by Drew and Jennifer Dukes. This DGroup is already full for this semester. Check back closer to January to see if any spots open up, or make plans to register the next time this class rolls around.

  • More than just financial tips, this is a class that will help you see what the Bible says about money and stewardship from a Christian worldview. Led by CJ Burnett. Click here to register.

  • Since the Church is commanded to go and make disciples, we need to know how. This class will help equip you to share your faith more frequently and effectively. Led by Christian Stewart. Click here to register.

  • How and why should we pray, study the Word, fast, etc.? This class will help explain why these are such important parts of the Christian life. Led by Brandon Mills. Click here to register.